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We want to make sure that our kratom is prepared with high-quality leaves to ensure the end result is also high quality.


We have different strains of kratom which perform different functions in treating any ailment is troubling an individual.


There are many health benefits of consuming kratom from mood-boosting benefits to helping with anxiety and depression.

About Us

We at kratom powder want to bring some of the best quality kratoms to you, which will allow you to experience the best effects. We are always trying to increase the standards of kratom in the industry by constantly bring you the best.

What We Do

We produce quality kratom, which is cultivated and processed in a way to enhance the effects of kratoms overall effects.


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Strains & Colors

There are many different strains of kratom which can be harvested in a specific way to bring the right effects.

Plants & Extract

If you are looking for raw extracts, we can also provide with the right product to help bring you the right product every time.

Preparation Products

We have experts who guide us when it comes to an understanding the right way to preparing the right concoction for an effective product.

Our Blog

  • Pain is one of the major factors associated with disability. Many people across the world suffer from some kind of chronic pain and related ailments. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), in The United States of America alone, doctors write over 250 painkillers per year. So if pain is such a chronic problem, there is bound to be allopathic solutions. But allopathy is not without its side effects. So people have been looking into more natural effective ways to treat pain, and a lot of people have found their remedy in Kratom.   Kratom is a South East Asian herb that is known for its psychotherapeutic properties. It has myriad applications, and a lot of studies indicate that it is quite effective as a painkilling agent. Pain can be both physical and emotional. The advantage of kratom is that it eases both types of pain simultaneously. It is not just physical pain that can cause dangerous problems, mental pain can drive people insane if not treated effectively and timely.  

    Some of the ways kratom helps is the following:

    • Reducing anxiety due to social imbalances
    • Overthinking related mental stress and illness
    • Mild or serious physical and mental trauma
    • Helping to control drug or alcohol abuse
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Irritable bowel movements
    • Physical pain due to any reason
    • Reflex sympathetic syndrome
    • Lupus or related autoimmune diseases
    • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
    • Complex regional pain syndrome
      The operation of kratom is unlike most allopathic solutions to pain. In allopathy, anaesthetics are given to palliate the pain and not make it go away. Kratom on the other hand, releases the person of their pain, making it go away. Since there are hardly any side effects recorded for kratom, even in the long term, there is literally no harm in trying kratom if you are suffering from chronic pain.  

    How to Decide What Strain of Kratom To Choose

      Different strains of kratom affect different people differently. However, the analysis of what kind of kratom suits you is actually decided by a lot of other factors. Some of these factors are listed below.  
    • Body weight, height, shape etc.
    • Emotional strength : the person's response to emotional stimuli
    • Physical health of the person
    • Metabolism of the user
    • Lifestyle: Is the user active throughout the day, are they semi active etc.
    • Eating habits
    • Pain management strategies till date
    • Quality of kratom in question
      Mostly, red vein kratom is preferred by beginners because it has zero side effects and is very similar to analgesics and anesthetics. the important part is that it does not cause dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, etc.  

    Best Kratom Strains For Pain Management

    • Maeng Da Kratom
      Considered the most powerful variant of kratom currently available, Maeng Da Kratom is the most preferred for pain relief and management among kratom users in the world. It is extremely rich in a particular combination of alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This combination makes the user stimulated rather than sedated and therefore can be used even during daytime. It has very strong analgesic properties and can be used to treat joint pain, muscle pain, etc. Mitragynine is known to be a mood booster and can be very good in uplifting your mood. So in short, Maeng Da Kratom can boost both your mental and physical health. However taking higher levels of kratom might cause an opposite effect and induce drowsiness, unconsciousness and whatnot.   White-Veined-Bentuangie-Kratom
    • Red Vein Bali Kratom
      Red Bali Kratom is found in parts of Bali Indonesia and is a very good relaxing agent. This is considered one of the purest forms of kratom and is quite popular in and around Bali, if not the entire world. It is very popular for its high energizing power and medical uses. Red Bali Kratom is a very good relaxing agent and acts as an antidepressant. It can be taken with a cup of tea or a glass of warm water, and is also a very good pain reliever. It is also used as an anti addicting drug for people addicted to opioids and cannabinoids.  
    • Red Borneo Kratom
      Slightly stronger than red Bali Kratom, red Borneo Kratom can be used as a mild analgesic and sedative and is very effective in lifting your mood. You can bravely depend on red Borneo Kratom to help you with acute and mild pains, even if it is long term pain. It has guaranteed long term action for people in chronic pain and is very effective in doing so.  
    • White Borneo Kratom
      White kratom is obtained by drying kratom in the absence of UV light and hence preserving all its flavour and natural properties. It is very effective as a pain relief agent, and is slightly stronger than the above mentioned kratom strains because it was dried in the absence of sunlight. using-kratom-powder
    • Red Horn Kratom
      Red Horn kratom gets its name from the leaves of this particular strain of kratom. The tips of the leaves of the kratom in question are supposedly shaped like the horns of a dragon. It is very similar to the red vein Bali kratom variant and is a very good analgesic and mild anaesthetic agent. It can be taken in the form of powder dissolved in water or in the form of beverages.  


      Kratom is one of the best alternatives to allopathic painkillers, albeit being a natural one. The chemotherapeutic methods adopted by doctors can cause some long term side effects and affect your physical and mental health adversely. So it is always advised to try natural methods of medicine since it does not cause any harmful side effects. However, if taken in excess, kratom can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, dizziness, etc.

  • Kratom is known for its benefits. It has medicinal properties. Over the years, it has become quite popular not just in the US market, but also in other markets of the world. There are so many benefits of the product. Given that Kratom comes from...

  • Kratom strains became popular recently due to its relaxing and energizing effects. Several types of kratoms are available today which provide different levels of energy and have varying effects. While some kratoms can help calm the body to enjoy the evening, other types can provide the right energy and confidence boost to stay focused at work. While you can try out different types of kratoms until you find the right level of effects you expect from your strain, there are a few ways you can make your low impact kratom into a highly effective one. Here is how you can potentiate your kratom powder.

    Keep an empty stomach

    Start preparing for kratom experience early by keeping an empty stomach. This will make kratom easily absorbable to your body as it does not have to compete with other foods in your stomach. If you take kratom after a heavy meal, you will probably not experience any other effects rather than sleepiness.

    Try kratom with coffee

    Try kratom with coffee One of the best kratom recipes that you can try out today is having kratom with coffee. It is a great way to start your day. With the high amount of caffeine and the effects of kratom, you can experience a couple of hours of extreme activeness. You can stay focused on your work for a longer time compared to when you have regular coffee or kratom.

    Grapefruit Juice

    The citric acid is found to amplify the effects of kratom due to which having kratom with grape juice can be a great way to potentiate kratom. The reason why grape juice if effective also because it slows down the process of kratom passing through your liver which makes it two times effective. Having grapefruit, along with kratom, is also a healthy way of consuming any strain. It can keep you refreshed and active throughout the day and can be equally relaxing in the evening.


    Phenibut is a different nootropic which helps boost the mood and reduce anxiety. There are several benefits of it while it is combined with a kratom. Once you mix both together, you can only imagine the level of effects both can cause. Be careful with the quantities as having two strains together can also become a horrific experience. Know your tolerance limits before trying this experiment to figure out the right dosages.


    Magnesium is another great way to control the tolerance of kratom. Magnesium is said to be an antagonist for the receptors that build the tolerance. As you keep on using kratom on a regular basis, your body will start to develop tolerance to the strain, which will slowly decrease the intensity of the effects for your receptors. Magnesium can eliminate the tolerance level in the body to give you the first time felling of kratom.  

  • Kratom has dominated the US market for some time. Where lawmakers are interested in regulating it, people are more impressed by the medicinal properties Kratom has. Before you go into how to take Kratom, some things need your attention. The first thing is the adequate...

  • There are various methods of getting the powder in your system. However, tea is one of the most popular methods, that not just allows for refreshments but also succeeds in getting in our bodies. Many people may use sweeteners like maple syrup and honey to help with the bitter taste of Kratom. The main reason for taking Kratom is not for the taste but its alkaloid properties. However, you need to understand one thing that Kratom is a powerful substance and you should first know how much can you take before you go ahead with it. This is the very basic of it.

    Toss n’ Wash

    This is the most basic way of getting the powder in your mouth. What it requires is you to put the powder gently in your mouth and swill it around. Though it may seem easy it will require more than courage to beat the bitter taste for the first time. You take the powder in half and then take the other half. People usually prefer using a spoon to scoop the powder in. Whatever way you try it, you need to be ready for a bitter taste. Though it’s not awful, it will require a trial trying out for the first time. Measure the amount and follow it with a glass of water. You must understand the value of an adequate dose. Toss n’ Wash

    Make a Tea

    This is a very popular method of taking Kratom powder. The tradition of making a tea out of Kratom in South Asia is very old. You simply boil the water and powder for about 30 minutes and then strain the liquid. Some people find it more preferable this way in terms of taste, however, many people use sweeteners like Maple syrup or honey to help with the bitter taste of the tea. Making tea is the best way and seriously it doesn’t taste that bad though.

    In Capsule Form

    The easiest way is to get a capsule and take it. This is the most convenient form. Though some people don’t recommend it, if you trust the source, you can take the capsule with plenty of water. You will need to take quite a few pills to reach your adequate Kratom dose. If you can, you can also capsule it at home. This is mostly recommended by experts. Capsule

    Protein Shake:

    Some people claim that they have gotten better results when they added Kratom with the Protein Shake. One of the benefits is that you will be taking Kratom with calories making it work differently.


    Kratom Powder is not highly potent as compared to Tincture but you should still be careful about the dose. Take the powder on an empty stomach, a few hours before food or first things in the morning. As a beginner, 2-3Grams is adequate.


    Among the various methods of taking Kratom powder, tea, and capsules are the most preferred. It’s instant, easy, and fast. However, people also add Kratom to Yogurt for a change.

  • Kratom is a naturally grown intoxicant that belongs to the same plant family as that of coffee. It is found in the tropical regions of southeast Asia. The leaves of the kratom tree is found to have psychoactive compounds which can have euphoric effects on the consumer. The small doses of kratom can cause mild simulation similar to coffee, but the effects are more relatable to opioid drugs. Kratom works as a mood-lifting antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and a pain killer. Some reports have also suggested the additive tendencies of this strain; however, others say otherwise. Recently kratom has been becoming a lot more popular among the users around the world due. It is considered as an alternative by many to end their narcotics addiction as it does not have any physical side effects. It can be consumed with tea or food. Even though kratom is not addictive, it is considered a potential gateway to heroin and other opioid addictions. The psychological benefits of kratom include improved mood, confidence, and relief from anxiety and depression. It is found to be effective in improving the energy levels and concentration that one needs throughout the day. Kratom strains are also beneficial for reducing chronic pain and has found to help cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy. It is considered a great tonic, similar of coffee to calm the mind and provide relaxation. Kratom

    Can kratom help in treating opioid addiction

    Kratom itself is a nootropic which has opioid-like qualities. But the users have mentioned that it does not cause any sort of addition to them. This has generated a lot of curiosity for researchers on whether it can be a remedy to treat opioid addiction. There is a mixed result on whether kratom can be an alternative for people even though many agree that it can. The studies are still unsure about its effects on the body physically while many organisations which support kratom have mentioned several times that it can be an effective medicine for the therapy for opioid use disorder.

    The risks of taking kratom

    Kratom does not have any physical symptoms according to the researches, but there are a few mental side effects that people experienced after being regular in kratom consumption. The people who have taken kratom in large dosages have reported feeling more anxious and depressed when they try to withdraw from taking it. This can be an issue of withdrawal symptoms, but the researches have still not proved any physical impact on the withdrawals. There have been no kratom overdose casualties, but when taken with other drugs, it has proved to be fatal in a few cases. Unfortunately, the researches are still not complete and lack in answering most of the questions. In the future kratom can be a great regular strain for people if the results turn out positive. Until then, the present users are just hopeful about using kratom normally.