Kratom Powder | How to Potentiate Your Kratom Powder
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How to Potentiate Your Kratom Powder

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How to Potentiate Your Kratom Powder

Kratom strains became popular recently due to its relaxing and energizing effects. Several types of kratoms are available today which provide different levels of energy and have varying effects. While some kratoms can help calm the body to enjoy the evening, other types can provide the right energy and confidence boost to stay focused at work. While you can try out different types of kratoms until you find the right level of effects you expect from your strain, there are a few ways you can make your low impact kratom into a highly effective one. Here is how you can potentiate your kratom powder.

Keep an empty stomach

Start preparing for kratom experience early by keeping an empty stomach. This will make kratom easily absorbable to your body as it does not have to compete with other foods in your stomach. If you take kratom after a heavy meal, you will probably not experience any other effects rather than sleepiness.

Try kratom with coffee

Try kratom with coffee

One of the best kratom recipes that you can try out today is having kratom with coffee. It is a great way to start your day. With the high amount of caffeine and the effects of kratom, you can experience a couple of hours of extreme activeness. You can stay focused on your work for a longer time compared to when you have regular coffee or kratom.

Grapefruit Juice

The citric acid is found to amplify the effects of kratom due to which having kratom with grape juice can be a great way to potentiate kratom. The reason why grape juice if effective also because it slows down the process of kratom passing through your liver which makes it two times effective. Having grapefruit, along with kratom, is also a healthy way of consuming any strain. It can keep you refreshed and active throughout the day and can be equally relaxing in the evening.


Phenibut is a different nootropic which helps boost the mood and reduce anxiety. There are several benefits of it while it is combined with a kratom. Once you mix both together, you can only imagine the level of effects both can cause. Be careful with the quantities as having two strains together can also become a horrific experience. Know your tolerance limits before trying this experiment to figure out the right dosages.



Magnesium is another great way to control the tolerance of kratom. Magnesium is said to be an antagonist for the receptors that build the tolerance. As you keep on using kratom on a regular basis, your body will start to develop tolerance to the strain, which will slowly decrease the intensity of the effects for your receptors. Magnesium can eliminate the tolerance level in the body to give you the first time felling of kratom.