Kratom Powder | How to use Kratom powder?
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How to use Kratom powder?


How to use Kratom powder?

There are various methods of getting the powder in your system. However, tea is one of the most popular methods, that not just allows for refreshments but also succeeds in getting in our bodies. Many people may use sweeteners like maple syrup and honey to help with the bitter taste of Kratom. The main reason for taking Kratom is not for the taste but its alkaloid properties. However, you need to understand one thing that Kratom is a powerful substance and you should first know how much can you take before you go ahead with it. This is the very basic of it.

Toss n’ Wash

This is the most basic way of getting the powder in your mouth. What it requires is you to put the powder gently in your mouth and swill it around. Though it may seem easy it will require more than courage to beat the bitter taste for the first time. You take the powder in half and then take the other half. People usually prefer using a spoon to scoop the powder in. Whatever way you try it, you need to be ready for a bitter taste. Though it’s not awful, it will require a trial trying out for the first time. Measure the amount and follow it with a glass of water. You must understand the value of an adequate dose.

Toss n’ Wash

Make a Tea

This is a very popular method of taking Kratom powder. The tradition of making a tea out of Kratom in South Asia is very old. You simply boil the water and powder for about 30 minutes and then strain the liquid. Some people find it more preferable this way in terms of taste, however, many people use sweeteners like Maple syrup or honey to help with the bitter taste of the tea. Making tea is the best way and seriously it doesn’t taste that bad though.

In Capsule Form

The easiest way is to get a capsule and take it. This is the most convenient form. Though some people don’t recommend it, if you trust the source, you can take the capsule with plenty of water. You will need to take quite a few pills to reach your adequate Kratom dose. If you can, you can also capsule it at home. This is mostly recommended by experts.


Protein Shake:

Some people claim that they have gotten better results when they added Kratom with the Protein Shake. One of the benefits is that you will be taking Kratom with calories making it work differently.


Kratom Powder is not highly potent as compared to Tincture but you should still be careful about the dose. Take the powder on an empty stomach, a few hours before food or first things in the morning. As a beginner, 2-3Grams is adequate.


Among the various methods of taking Kratom powder, tea, and capsules are the most preferred. It’s instant, easy, and fast. However, people also add Kratom to Yogurt for a change.